Shift for Love..!!

What is the fundamental basis of a Social Network?

Have Sex (AI) or Make Love (Human Brain) ??

The choice is ours!!!

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Soulmate connections – the timing

Just when I thought that I had it all figured out, you come along to show me that Life knows better!

I was only fooling myself.. all this time, filled with emotional confusion – trapped in a society that refuses to come to terms with the fact that there IS such a thing as love that transcends boundaries and pushes us to the limits we are quite capable of breaking.


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Follow Your <3 your # is Stupid..!!

I have just turned off my facebook and strangely, it is feeling GOOD.

On deeper analysis, I realize that many a times, I have shared things with people, not necessarily to convince the other person about an idea but it was because I wanted to get a response from OTHERS about something that I had just found but needed validation for..!!

Take this example.

I have just met someone who SEEMS to be so clear about what he is doing.

I am totally convinced that I should join him in his efforts and abandon every thing else, because he SEEMS to know better!!

The SEEMS part is coming from my heart.. BUT as usual, my brain is on fluctuating levels of over-drive because my hormones interact with my environment and ultimately determine WHAT I think..!

If only I could meditate for 10 minutes in a NEW PLACE that VIBRATES with a different energy, I would understand the real Mudra of money!!

But I am yet to understand.. how to follow my heart and ignore the brilliant logic of my brain which is always busy complicating things.


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The new rules of money..


Can you guess.. how??

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Bitcoins, Aadhar & Integral Yoga..

It is really sunny here in Guwhati – Shillong and the warmth of the winter sun in the cold fresh air is exquisite!

Amidst the beauty of nature, remembering my younger days.. I cannot help but marvel at the pace of technology (my new Lava A44) that can take a picture by detecting a smile..

There are concerns about Aadhar getting linked with databases which collect personal data.. but people in India are okay to share things – not so paranoid about letting go.

Of course, if you are inimical to Govt of India, and suspect that they are out to get you, then you have enough reasons to doubt the fearsome ghosts of your beliefs.

On the other hand, if you practise Integral Yoga, then you can go beyond the illusion of the senses and learn not to be overwhelmed by sensory data.

There seems to be a new “guru” in the spiritual market ( and although his intentions are quite honorable, I think the messages of most “english” or non-Indian teachers is not relevant for us. The idea of Search Engine optimised techniques for selling truth only adds to the noise.. truth does not need much marketing.. and if you were born in Bharat, you are ALREADY IN THE CENTER of the action.. all you have to do is plug-&-play!!

The choice, as always, is yours to make.

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Dear Make My Trip..

A couple of months ago, my nephew tried to book two tickets from Bangalore to Silchar. Excited by the cheaper figures, he accidently entered wrong date and overlooked the non-refundable status and lost Rs 9000 in the process.

While the fault was obviously his, I realized that part of the problem was..

1. He was accessing MMT app on his mobile phone where the fine print was illegible.

2. If MMT had given a last screen where the terms of the purchase was made VERY clear, this mistake would not have happened.

I had to pull together my resources and re-book for my cousin brother who had to undertake the journey on a short notice.

Hopefully, your developers can take a look and add this feature so as to avoid such mistakes which can really put people in a spot!

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Letter to Aditi.. 13-8-2017

You are the ONLY reason why I feel worthy of myself, sometimes, these days!

Seeing you get up and refuse to brush your teeth, telling you to stop climbing on my table
and remove the books, convincing you that the plate of food will be tasty if you will only
insert them into your mouth, sctratching my head for answers to your endless questions..
they all melt away when I remember the happiness with which you run to me when I go to pick you up from play-school at the end of the day.

There are endless times when I have to say or do something that you do not like. It is as
if I have the thankless task of setting the pathways of your brain right which is probably
as unruly as your hair!! No, you simply refuse to have a hair-cut – oh, the Lioness and her

There are endless times when things end up with hysterical tears.. but one thing just does
not cease to amaze me. You forget and move on, as if nothing mattered but the bite of the
next chocolate, the color of the next balloon, the taste of the next Afghani kabab from the
eatery nearby and the promise of boarding a “doddu” plane on the next trip to go and see Dadi in Guwahati.

Your presence is nothing but a blessing and all I want to do is to remember, for the rest
of my days.. that my job is NOT to set you right but to see that YOU are what is PERFECT in my life and the reward is the time I have from heaven, for being your best friend, ever.

I know.. I will go and receive you from the airport one day and I hope I will get the same
look as I hug you.. the happiness with which you run to me.. when I go to pick you up from play-school.. at the end of the day.

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A sultry afternoon..

Driving back from frenzied Bannerghatta was not pleasant. Kept thinking about the two choices in front of me.. of course both lead to the SAME goal – launching MM, WW, writing the REST of the books and retiring to sip pinacolada in my eco-resort..

But wait, the Catalysts seem to be getting restless!!

Yes, the Catalysts.. MY TRIBE
~ the ones who already resonate with my deepest core

Unfortunately, for now we can only have virtual conversations.. or will it be converZations? Those who are WILLING, not just capable of  becoming Butterflies!

I think I know how to solve the Virtual vs Real dilemma. There are ways to understand another person, knowing FULL well that the person on the other side of the screen WILL be the kind one believes.

For that to happen, the OTHER senses have to be engaged. So here goes..

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A New Romance..?

I cannot thank Atmaram Gangaram enough for introducing me to the National Gallery of Modern Art on Palace Road in Bengaluru. How come it took me so long to find this place?

Earlier, an interesting MeetUp at iLabHub re-energized my start-up efforts.

Pitch Maadi – maybe it is time for Mynd Matterz to take off!


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A journey to activate your Soul…

I am a regular listener of CBC Ideas and the episodes of post-Industrial human society endlessly fascinate me with albeit “dark” OcciDentaL notions of reality, but listening to those far-away sounds in bustling Bangalore and a populous India which has the youngest humans in the world, one of who is my hyper-active 3-year YOUNG daughter, makes me wary of the general pessimism of the western world.

Okay guys, you built all this hardware and so we have Android and Lovense. But WAIT A MINUTE! The fundamental tool of human civilization on the basis of which we conduct our activities is something called the calendar. Some old wise-cracks in Rome declared that so-and-so shall be the 0 year and so-and-so shall be THE one whose birth must decide which side of the world we live in.

What was the rationale of their thinking? On what scientific basis was it agreed that October shall be the 10th month when Octa means EIGHT (8) ?!!!

The Law of Time
“A profound misconception that results from this distorted linear view of TIME is the belief that the third dimension is the only dimension. This perception results in people thinking that physical reality is the only reality.”

By common consent, a calendar is a system for reckoning time. Virtually all current time reckoning systems take account only of chronological or, better put, astronomical time – the movement of the earth in relation to celestial bodies, the sun, moon, planets, stars and constellations. This is a purely third dimensional, physical consideration of time. The law of time affirms a higher order of time – the synchronic order. This is the time of the fourth dimension, which includes the chronological but enfolds it in a higher mental and mathematical order of reality.

According to the law of time, what you don’t know about the calendar you are using could kill you. Operating by purely third dimensional chrono-astronomical timing standards without knowledge of the synchronic order of fourth dimensional time, subjects humanity to a partial and one-sided view of reality which is hazardous to the planet and jeopardizes the future existence of the human species as well as all of life on earth.

To correct this situation a radical solution is required – a new calendar embedded in the synchronic order revealed by the discovery of the law of time. This is the significance of the 13 Moon calendar – it epitomizes the incorporation of the chronological order of time into the synchronic order, and hence provides the vehicle for humanity to escape its chronic and regular engagement with disaster. When in the pursuit of truth, a dogma is encountered it must be challenged and abolished. Such a dogma is the calendar in use as the world standard, the Gregorian calendar. This calendar, indeed, the foundation in time of globalization – is the calendar of the Caesars, of the Roman Empire, of the Catholic Church and the Vatican.

All the values, customs and norms of a nation, a culture, a civilization are embedded in the calendar it uses. To change this calendar is to change history itself. Can it be done? The League of Nations attempted this in the 1930s, but failed. The United Nations tabled this effort in 1956. Since the United Nations adjourned the matter of calendar reform indefinitely, the Earth’s population has more than doubled, that is, it has increased by more than 3.2 billion people, a factor that is still out of control, and which may actually have much to do with the fact that humanity is actually in a fog about time.

The reasons for wanting to replace or at least reform the Gregorian calendar are no less valid  today. It is not a standard of measure. It lacks logic and reason. It numbs and befuddles the mind when trying to make calculations by it. It is shrouded in an arcane and medieval obscuritanism. The net effect of the use of this calendar is to perpetuate a fundamental level of mental confusion and ignorance concerning the actual nature of time itself – an ignorance that is hardened into dogma by the unwillingness of habit to consider any other possibility, and to even accept the entire system as second nature. The argument that it is the most accurate and scientific measure of the solar orbit of the Earth is irrelevant in relation to its effect on the mind and its numbing power as the dogma of a conquering people. Indeed, the solar measure of 365.241299 days per year has nothing intrinsically to do with “30 days hath September, etc. …” and vice versa. In fact, the measure of the Earth’s orbit is one matter; the purpose of calendars and time reckoning as factors of synchronization is a wholly other matter. But then, since the very nature of a culture or a civilization is determined by the calendar it keeps, the use of a deformed standard can only inhibit and skew even the questions one asks about time.

To change how people think you must take a profoundly simple and universal element of  everyday life and in which all everyday thinking is rooted and change it so radically, that how people think will itself be dramatically changed. This is the meaning of the replacement of the Gregorian calendar by the 13 Moon calendar. The calendar change is necessary because as the pragmatic application of the discovery of the law of time, it brings into focus the essence of this discovery: time is a frequency, the frequency of synchronization. If a calendar does not increase synchronization, it is not performing its highest function. This is the fundamental critique of the Gregorian calendar – and of all concepts of time based solely on physical, third-dimensional astronomical measurements. This discovery is so new and startling that it affects all human thought and is a matter to which all belief systems, religions and methods of science must take cognizance.

The fact of the matter is that the Gregorian calendar is a hodgepodge of flaws and accretions rationalized into systematic formulizations that have no basis in reality.  The entire system of this calendar, inherited without question from the Caesars of the Roman empire, is a actually nothing more than a form of self-perpetuation of a priestly hierachy that includes in its support a host of bankers, industrialists and scientists and the elaborate social system that is under their control – global civilization itself. Take away the calendar and the entire structure loses its basis and foundation.

A science or any scientist that unquestioningly follows the Gregorian calendar is, in reality, not worthy of the name. What is science? A concern for logic and precision of measure, as well as standards of measure which utilizes uniform units of measure in accord with what is being measured.  Yes, the year is calculated as being 365.241299 days in length, but if the annual standard of measure that is used is irregular and unscientific, then it avails nothing, and indeed deforms the mind leading it down by ways that may only end in self-destruction. Indeed, the pursuit of a true and accurate year in itself may be an illusory pursuit, blinding us to the actual nature of time, and leading us away from a genuine understanding of ourselves, our role and purpose on this earth.

To change and replace the calendar with the thirteen moon standard is to return us to our original purpose, leading us back to the pathways of natural health.

The 13 Moon Calendar movement, as initiated by Jose Arguelles and promoted by the Planetary Art Network misses one small but vital point – the advent of Gnostic Time initiated by the Supramental Realization of 29-02-1956. The understanding of Gnostic Time, when understood and applied directly, leads to the possibility of entering Noosphere – a new state of Being in harmony with the cosmic rhythm.

The discovery of the law of time is dependent on solving the riddle of time. As long as we are operating with inaccurate standards of time measurement, we will be blinded to the true nature of time, and hence, doomed to failure in our evolutionary mission.

But wait, there is hope…


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