Talk about a revolution…

The flowers of my alma-meter, St.Anthony’s College in Shillong looked so inviting and their welcome warmth was not lost in the subsequent rendezvous with my professors, both of whom were so supportive with their words!

Thank you Shanpru Sir!!
Thank You Satya Maam!!

And so the journey to setup the first Learning Studio has earnestly begun.


The learning that I envisage happening within the portals of our studios will have a VERY different focus. Not about certificates and jobs (which will be supported nevertheless) but a real sharing of perspective, insight and opinion that develops the knowledge of the learner directly. Our real job, to be honest, will center on hiring the right kind of people who would be passionate about empowering our learners in their learning journeys.

We could do this in so many ways but it is quite obvious to me that there is a fork on the path that the student has to navigate. We have to assume that a certain section of the human population is interested in learning and understanding something towards ultimate enlightenment – to make sense of the life that we are living – to create, connect and change things, for the better and for the NEXT generation.

This is an evolutionary necessity because the only problems in the human world is about un-conscious people who do not use or misuse their power. The result is smoking, divorce and diabetes or kidney-stones.

My reward for making a different choice came in a simple cup at Palace Cafe in Police Bazar.



About Zafar Satyavan

Writing about my interest in the labyrinthine connections between human brain, emotions and the elusive Self... (1971- ****)
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