A sultry afternoon..

Driving back from frenzied Bannerghatta was not pleasant. Kept thinking about the two choices in front of me.. of course both lead to the SAME goal – launching MM, WW, writing the REST of the books and retiring to sip pinacolada in my eco-resort..

But wait, the Catalysts seem to be getting restless!!

Yes, the Catalysts.. MY TRIBE
~ the ones who already resonate with my deepest core

Unfortunately, for now we can only have virtual conversations.. or will it be converZations? Those who are WILLING, not just capable of  becoming Butterflies!

I think I know how to solve the Virtual vs Real dilemma. There are ways to understand another person, knowing FULL well that the person on the other side of the screen WILL be the kind one believes.

For that to happen, the OTHER senses have to be engaged. So here goes..


About Zafar Satyavan

Writing about my interest in the labyrinthine connections between human brain, emotions and the elusive Self... (1971- ****)
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