My name is Zafar Satyavan.
I am Something Divine..

I didn’t say I have succeeded in becoming Divine,
I know I am.. just as You are,
but still trying to render it in five senses..

I have three identities.

WRITER @zafarsatyavan – Zafar Satyavan

Read Something Divine to know more about my story..

LEARNING SPECIALIST/EntrepreneurZafar Chowdhury (my legal name)

& “Halim

It is quite ironic but each of those three identities are intimately linked to special people who are still close to me even though some of them are no longer alive.

In mundane life, I was born and grew up in Shillong – an enchanting hill-station close to the wettest place on this planet..!!

I was travelling by train across central India in sometime in May 2014 when I woke up to this bhajan on my earphones. The sound(s) resonated eerily with the changing landscape outside, especially the words “surya-koti samaprabha..”

To think about the Sun, that has been there ever since life on Earth began, without whose rays, life is not possible.. and how fragile this connection can be!

To also think of breath that sustains us every minute of every hour.

& thus to dwell on one’s name and its cultural connotations. The fact of being human is easily overlooked in the labyrinthine interactions of one’s identity, especially in a country that is suffused with beliefs everywhere.



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