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Writing about my interest in the labyrinthine connections between human brain, emotions and the elusive Self... (1971- ****)

Letter to Aditi.. 13-8-2017

You are the ONLY reason why I feel worthy of myself, sometimes, these days! Seeing you get up and refuse to brush your teeth, telling you to stop climbing on my table and remove the books, convincing you that the … Continue reading

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A sultry afternoon..

Driving back from frenzied Bannerghatta was not pleasant. Kept thinking about the two choices in front of me.. of course both lead to the SAME goal – launching MM, WW, writing the REST of the books and retiring to sip … Continue reading

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A New Romance..?

I cannot thank Atmaram Gangaram enough for introducing me to the National Gallery of Modern Art on Palace Road in Bengaluru. How come it took me so long to find this place? Earlier, an interesting MeetUp at iLabHub re-energized my … Continue reading

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A journey to activate your Soul…

I am a regular listener of CBC Ideas and the episodes of post-Industrial human society endlessly fascinate me with albeit “dark” OcciDentaL notions of reality, but listening to those far-away sounds in bustling Bangalore and a populous India which has … Continue reading

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A random conversation..

..turned sentimental when I asked Mr. Raju about something that touched him. He has been selling books, from a small cart ever since 1971. Tune in to the conversation:

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The key to internet communication..

I belong to the last generation that has seen the world before and after the internet. So there are some things that should make more sense to make better use of the digital space. Facebook and Twitter introduced us to … Continue reading

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Talk about a revolution…

The flowers of my alma-meter, St.Anthony’s College in Shillong looked so inviting and their welcome warmth was not lost in the subsequent rendezvous with my professors, both of whom were so supportive with their words! Thank you Shanpru Sir!! Thank … Continue reading

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An amazing revelation..!

Some folks are extermely apprehensive of public appearence. What others think about them matters much more than what is really there.. which actually fuels the deception we experience. But what about a state of mind, where time is transcended and … Continue reading

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Change the Game!

“All actions take place in time by the interweaving of the forces of nature, but the people lost in selfish delusion think that they themselves are the actor. Only the ones who know the relation between the forces of nature … Continue reading

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The “I” factor…

Is there a single cell in your body with your name on it? The answer is -ive. Then where am I/are You? Actually, it takes a certain amount of rotations and revolutions around the Sun to realize…

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