The year was 1992. A BCom student met a Class 12 girl in a restaurant in Shillong while it was pouring rain outside. She left the coffee cup untouched, worried about pesky parents at home, who would wonder about where she had gone after class. But their life paths took different routes and Babri, Ayodhya, masjid-temple politics, the Bombay blasts and a tsunami of market economics followed.

Two decades later, the boy had lived, worked and traveled three countries, spending most of it in Bangalore and Toronto, Canada. Somewhere in between, there were valuable clues… labyrinthine choices of a HUMAN life, lived in the crossroads of challenge and change.

This is his story.

This is also a story of an amazing process of revelation, something that led me to discover information that profoundly changed my perception of human beings in India. You see.. India is not just a country. It is a “center” for a certain evolutionary possibility, not available in any other place on Earth.

It is strange but I have to share a personal fact to substantiate my claim that if you are living in India, or if you want to visit this part of the world, then you are destined for something amazing.

So, not being able to marry that sweet girl inspite of desperate attempts that could make Sharukh Khan redo the script of Dil Se, (if only Bollywood knew!) did NOT lead to heart-break! Rather, it led to finding something else WITHIN, something that makes COMPLETE sense now. Something that enabled me to understand WHY things are happening the way they are…

Did you know that the the forests of Kama-rupa (ancient Assam, where Moghul kings dumped their convicted criminals because it was known to be “mysterious”) is the true source and contain the original roots of Tantra?

Perhaps the lack of Indian citizens awareness of their own legacies is the reason why we are living with such immense contradiction of disparity in wealth and lack of emotion! Many of you are grappling everyday with endless digital information overload, where valuable information is distorted, manipulated and deliberately suppressed, where only a few are able to achieve the sublime balance beyond the boundaries that are drawn for most of us.

As human beings of a struggling civilization, we are yet to unravel the dynamics of Time by unconsciously following a calendar without understanding the Keys to our inner consciousness that leads to harmony! There are other “secrets” but they are all out in the open now.. which is why NOTHING is going to change until a critical mass of human beings attain the personal enlightenment to defy the status-quo and create a NEW consciousness.

YOU have a choice and the Power to make a difference!



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