The “I” factor…

Is there a single cell in your body with your name on it?

21Dec 2015The answer is -ive.

Then where am I/are You? Actually, it takes a certain amount of rotations and revolutions around the Sun to realize…


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I believe, therefore I am.

Last night, I returned home by breaking two laws. First, I drove my Honda Activa up a short cut in the Embassy Links business center while the security guard shouted at me when he caught me in the act. Good boy, it means you are doing your job but.. did anybody get hurt because of my act? No? Then why bother?

Then came a somewhat long stretch of road, near Jayamahal Extension, almost 1.5 kms I think, that is now crowded with hundreds, if not thousands of goats. You see, friday is Bakri Id but I am NO bakra! The whole stretch of road is stinking of goats that is almost nauseating and why? Because, come friday, they are all going to be slaughtered in the name of Allah, so the stampede and mayhem at Mecca is probably an inevitable result!

mecca stampede 2015

While editing make believe sci-fi (Falling Skies) and transcribing the Mitch Snyder story and proofing Inherit the Wind, I am also reading Daughter of Destiny. Which kinda makes me think of what is really going on in our human world at the digital crossroads of the 21st century?

Why is it that our thoughts are aligned to the nth version of software that is updated within seconds, while our beliefs are stuck in medieval superstitions? The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the only thing significant about being born HUMAN is the opportunity to correct the delusion of our senses. Each of us is a certain flaw in consciousness and life is an opportunity to balance the act. Or so.. methinks.

Our name has to stand up for something, some idea, some dream realized. Something achieved. So you see the paradox? Religion, Politics and Business treat us like a carbon copy of an ideal that is only meant to convince a skeptic audience.


The second law I broke was to drive away from that stinking road. It was a longer drive home, close to midnight when traffic is slow but there are speeding youth on drunken bikes that police want to catch but did I really break the law by doing something different?

I am tired of navigating pot-holes in the Silicon Valley of India, wondering if the history text-books in our schools include Benazir Bhutto and if the Economics text-books in college mention Prof. Yunus or the concept of Gross National Happiness? I am sure they don’t (unless you have a teacher who is more of a Guru..) because these powerful figures belong to Pakistan and Bangladesh, names that belong to lesser mortals from neighboring countries that induce constipation or heart-ache in our policy makers, depending on their proximity to New Delhi.

I wish I had the power to STOP TIME and revise 18th century rules that make living in the 21st century a nightmare.

Time to get some shut-eye.

Written on Ubuntu 10.4 at the kitchen table, 12.40 am.

I believe, therefore I am.

I guess the above statement sums up the essence of the human dilemma. Ultimately, even the most enlightened human beings, famous ones at that, demonstrate faith only in what their senses perceive which, technology can manipulate with flat screens that are increasingly interactive (with WHO? and Why?)

The Indian government has implemented Universal Account Number and AADHAR to distribute the benefits of economic progress but what to say about strategic information like aggregated big-data? And preventing identity theft when the “Indian” identity is itself a conundrum?

On a slightly different but pertinent nevertheless, appointing an unaccomplished Gajendra to head FTII serves the powers-that-be very well, because media has tremendous power over unsuspecting masses, more than ever before. Influencing how the millions think is probably much higher on their agenda than we would believe.

Which brings me to a fundamental question. What is that ONE thing that links the most information-loaded specialist with the millions who would not be able to read this page because their belief system is based in Urdu or Bengali?

One day, when Hindi + Urdu + Bengali unite, we will establish the mechanics of faith, which as Tom Hanks would remind us in the DaVinci Code, is a Gift – many are yet to recive.

Recive, spelling mistake. Click here to check online dictionary while I listen to Jagjit Singh:
ऐसे बिचरे सभी रात के मोर पर, आखरी हम-सफ़र रास्ता रह गया.

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Weekend bar experience…

There is this bar nearby our place, where I like to spend time observing the flow of men like me.. and so he sat opposite the shared table, spilling out his story under the influence of whisky and pepsi while I sipped my Kingfisher premium.

What? It seems he was in love with a “suali” from Assam! And like a typical Indian male, unable to decide between the demands to settle down with a proper girl selected by his family.

Obviously, I had a story to tell.. so I used all the examples I could remember and told him this is one decision that he had to take all by himself.

It started pouring and suddenly he had a call on his mobile. He excused himself to take the call as the bar was quite noisy with frustrated men spilling their respective stories.

After fending off several patrons who wanted to know if the seat was empty, I realized my friend-in-alcohol had taken off, obviously challenged by my words.

Let’s hope he gathers his guts and does the right thing.

There are no doubts about this one though…


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..a Quantum Leap

We are taking a quantum leap.

A job in a media company that I wish I joined a decade ago, interesting dishes on my plate that I need to organize, return and report to mission control; while..



And this is where it gets really REALLY interesting.

What if the human libido had an important role to play in the wellness of its being?

What if the practitioners of non-religion (the ones who did not get it) understood this long ago and devised a way to keep the human beings from knowing about their own power?

What if they became so powerful that they started believing that THEY are the Gods themselves?

What if the Time-Spirit changed it all on 29.02.1956?

What if the game is now out in the open for all to see – truth in plain sight, so the ones who ignore the messages have only themselves to blame?

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Who is a Learning Specialist?

I conceived the idea in 2009 when the term “Learning Specialist” was unheard of in India. After writing Teaching is Out, Learning is IN, it is obvious to me that my part of the effort is over. Now, all I have to do is ensure enough people read this book and take it to the next level. Many solutions now require giving up outmoded ways of thinking and unlearning stuff which is easier said than done, given that we live in a country where most are comfortable folding their hands to yesterday’s gods.

A Teacher has to do so much more than teach.. which is why MOST teachers cannot cater to each and every student in India where student:teacher ratio exceeds 1:25. That too when the young ones are so full of curiosity and so easily distracted especially with all the gadgets available to them.

In spite of all the drawbacks and obstacles we LEARNT because learning is inherent in every situation, especially when we are open to receive a new inspiration. Mere assessment of learning is NOT education!

Using the means at our disposal, it is now completely possible to create a..


that would enable education to deliver its value – to guide youth towards their passions and create awareness of the areas where more research is needed so the sharpest brains + the most sensitive hearts + the most skillful hands can apply themselves to find better solutions.

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मुझे लगता है..

Yesterday, @thegreatsaif said something profound that really adds to my collection of wise guys who will work with me to transform ejukashun in India.

He said.. “the human brain is designed to be a solution finder and not a problem solver.” There is this ignorance about how things actually work versus what we desire and think we know. It boils down to.. “if I had money, I would do this & that, etc” which is why successful people go through zero-point initiation. Something that I am going through for quite some time now.

I think I have some important clues.. !!

This blog is obviously about my major moments of inspiration.. something that has been woefully neglected as I have been delving into a brand new journey of learning with @abhishek and @namitha29 writing Teaching is Out, Learning is IN! which is almost done..

Saturday’s Deccan Herald sported a full-page spread of a housing ad that said.. together we can achieve a lot.. and yet the headlines on most pages starkly reflect our complete inability to do things in a spirit of co-operation. Why?

Day 22

We are not really living in the Age of Information but living in a time where mind has become the un-disputed ruler. Most of the time, collectively, that mind is not cohesive or harmonious but stirring the borders of our fleeting experiences of reality like.. “Who will win the World Cup?” Harmony is held in place by lonely souls who struggle to maintain a balance.. between ideals and reality, between selfish needs and selfless demands on their time and unconscious claims of emotion..

There are so many ideas that come to me – easily rendered through audio/mobile platforms – for practical reasons they have to be filtered – what is possible, what is necessary.. what can help us to acquire and cultivate a subtle power that empowers us as a CONSCIOUS chip of human BEING.

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Soul Connect – Vernal Equinox 2015

The issues regarding education/learning is intrinsically connected to issues with belief which again ties in with the way we calculate time.. and UNLESS we correct that, things will continue to be difficult.

At the same time, the difficulty is also about re-setting to align with the NEXT Age of Enlightenment after the Age of Information/Knowledge is over in about 200-300 years. This is NOT fantasy as legend says human beings lived upto 700 years in the past. Which is why our so-called modern civilization is still in kindergarten, so to speak.

21 March is Equinox, so here is the message:

“Now is the time to be courageous and take action on your inspiration. Even a small action or step will have ripples into the future. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse brings the themes of feeling the highest level of inspiration and expressing it with courage…The symbolism is “super-charged” new moon energy of new beginnings…Think of it as an opportunity to “reset” into the direction you choose. Stay empowered, know that Solar Eclipses signify potential for fresh new starts…

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome the Spring Equinox which heralds a time of rebirth, resurrection and renewal. New seedlings burst through the rich soil and hopefully flourish over the Summer months. The Equinox is a dynamic doorway, the Sun enters Aries at 0 degrees. This signifies the quality of decisive action and using the Inner Pioneer Archetype.

Disperse the inspiration out into the world. Like a soft seed that empties from a flower and is carried wide and far in the wind. Have courage and confidence to brings dreams into reality now even if the path in front of you is a brand new one. Be open to the possibility of magical surprises when following the subtle nudges and intuitive guidance from Soul. It is within the unknown that anything is possible for it is full of infinite possibilities.

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What is इंडियन ?

Watching Yogendra Yadavji’s video on YouTube, and re-visiting this picture from 2008, I could not help but remember the subtle influence of the Shadow in my life. It is this “shadow” that has prevented the likes of me to act more confidently on this plane. Of course, one learns but the extent of ignorance surrounding the shady operations of human life is staggering. The challenge is not about finding the Truth. The challenge is about dealing with the forces of lesser truths..

So, what is that something that characterizes authentic इंडियन thinking? My use of the Devanagri script is deliberate as I am writing the final pages of Teaching is Out Learning is IN. It appears that Spirituality is our core-competency and what we know is intrinsically embedded in our language. This is no simple matter as few realize we who were born in this land and designated Indian by virtue of belonging to the political identity – was basically manufactured by the faltering remnants of the East India Company, dubious opportunists controlled by struggling spiritual forces and the mass un-conscious on 15.08.1947.

Astrological seers were alarmed at the timing of Bharat’s birth and “the stroke of midnight” was selected to placate the army of astrologers who predicted dire stuff for the future of the divided land soon to be followed by blood-baths as religion clashed with language and politics.

The idea of a nation-state was still vague even in recent times when certain natives of North-East India, where I belong by ties of language and culture, reported that they were traveling to India while visiting from their state.. While there is talk about the original preamble, the mention of the North-East is conspicuous by its absence in the national anthem.

Perhaps the reason why things were so chaotic at the time of India’s birth was because “the Shadow” was still alive on this planet, planting his seeds of mischief, completely oblivious that his time was up because of the Supramental Realization of 29.02.1956. These are not secrets but data from a more evolved perspective that I will write about in my next book.

India is NOT a country. It is a manifest center of a certain evolutionary action in the YOUniverse. A landscape of Kurukshetra.. it is a battlefield where we have to salvage the purpose of our souls. If You are reading this in India, YOU and your beliefs, thoughts, speech and action matters! Now, the onus is on us.. to reset the human civilization based on True Knowledge.. knowledge that is rooted in unfolding authentic realization and tempered by compassion..

Of course, I am writing from a different perspective. A point-of-view that has come from an extensive body of knowledge that is slowly but surely re-orienting the axis of human life on this planet.


Remember the words of Lord Krishna to Arjuna?

“Kutas tva kashmalam idam vishame samu-pasthitam, anarya jushtam asvargyam a-kirti-karam arjuna” |

“Klaibyam ma sma gamah partha naitat tvayy upapadyate, kshudram hrdaya daurbalyam tyk-tvot-tishtha parantapa” ||

(When has this unmanly, heaven-­barring and shameful dejection come upon you, at this juncture, O Arjuna. Yield not, O Partha, to feebleness. It does not befit you. Cast off this petty faint­ heartedness. Wake up, O vanquisher of foes!)

Krishna consciousness comes as the most complete manifestation of the Time-Spirit in Sri Aurobindo and there is lots of work for me to translate and decode the supra-mental work in terms of language and symbols. Now I have the tools to render them in digital format that the millennial generation will require to understand. It is work which will require more inner silence and careful management of family & friends whose opinions impact my own understanding of my “mission” although I am humbled at the fact that it is all beginning to make sense now!!




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Aap aaye, bahar ayee..

The return of Aam Aadmi Party in New Delhi coincides with deep changes in my inner Self. It is also a symbolic victory that suggests democracy is alive and kicking in Bharat. Yogendra Yadav had graced our nuptial ceremony in 2008 and comes across as the new wave of leadership that India desperately needs. Well versed in global democratic thought process but ROOTED in Indian ethos.


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Capt. Clifford Nongrum

I feel slighted and ignored for being from Assam/Meghalaya.

I feel slighted and ignored for lacking the resources to market Something Divine.

I feel slighted and ignored for my SO calling my work “nonsense” just because my approach is more emotional than dry academics..

I feel slighted and ignored for having global knowledge based on real-life experiences and a subtler point of view that is based on HOT skills.

But I will not allow these things to deter me, just as a young soldier from Meghalaya who died fighting at the Kargil War in July 1999.

& what would you say if I asked you who is Capt. Clifford Nongrum?


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